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Web User Magazine Four Star Rating

Thursday 16 December 2010
If you're out and about in town today, we recommend you pick up the latest issue (number 255) of Web User magazine. It has some excellent articles and reviews, particularly on page 16, where they review Sell My Old Mobile Phone in the Best New Websites section.

We're are given a 4 out of 5 rating, with the reviewer commenting:

If you want to recycle your old mobile phone, this site can find you the best online deal. Just select the make and model from the menus on the homepage and you'll see prices from more than 20 handset recyclers. Where excels (apart from its long, does-what-it-says-name) is in the quality of results, which include customer reviews, payment details and Freepost information. Particularly welcome is the price history chart, which shows whether the value of your phone is rising or sinking. The site claims to feature around 4500 handsets and even tells you many how many sales it's made on the day. It's a very useful and potentially lucrative tool.

Get Cash for Your Mobile

Wednesday 15 December 2010
Christmas is fast approaching, and while this should be cause for celebration many of us shudder at the thought of it. It's difficult to be merry when you’re feeling the financial crunch of buying presents. That’s why so many of us are out there looking for a way or two to make a little extra Christmas cash.

The good news is that selling our old stuff has become increasingly profitable as society puts a greater focus on reusing resources. Most of us have an old mobile phone or two lying around the home somewhere, that probably will eventually find their way to a landfill. So why not sell an old mobile phone to buy some Christmas presents? It can put a little cash in your pocket AND has the added benefit of helping the UK to be green.
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