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Independent Price Comparison of Mobile Phone Recycling Sites

New Recycler Added - Recycle Ur Phone

Thursday 1 December 2011
Today we signed up a new mobile phone recycler! We've added Recycle Ur Phone to the comparison.

Recycle Ur Phone pay up to £300 for each mobile phone and payment is made within 24hours. They guarantee the best price for your phone - if you receive a price from a different recycler which is higher then theirs then they will pay 5% extra on top of the agreed price!

Getting a new iPhone? Don't forget to sell your old one.

Friday 14 October 2011
As if you didn't know, the iPhone 4S is released today and already causing queues outside mobile phone shops.  If you pre-ordered your new iPhone it should be arriving today.  But what will you do with your old phone?  Put it in a drawer?  Chuck it in the bin?  No chance!

I'm sure you'll be having way too much fun with the new camera, the new apps and Siri, but if you sell an old iPhone 4G 32Gb it's worth up to £287 today, so don't miss out on that extra cash.

Apple Recycling Program - You'd Have to be Bananas

Thursday 6 October 2011
Apple have launched their new recycling program which allows you to send them your old Apple device, and .."if it has monetary value, we’ll apply that toward an Apple Gift Card. If not, we can recycle it responsibly for you".

I tried it out, for my phone: a 16Gb black iPhone 3GS. It works properly, the battery charges, the back cover isn't engraved, there's a little bit of damage to the case but it's not water damaged and I can supply the power cable.

I got the message:

This product has a zero-dollar value.
PowerON has determined that your product has a zero-dollar fair market value.

To proceed with responsible recycling please provide your contact information so PowerON can prepare and email a prepaid shipping label to you.

When you receive your free shipping label, just print it out, pack your product in a box and send it off.

On Sell My Old Mobile Phone right now you can get up to £140 for an old iPhone 3GS 16Gb. I know which service I;'ll be using when I get my new iPhone!

Last Day to Vote on a Mobile Phone Recycling Infographic

Wednesday 31 August 2011
We set up a competition on, to create an infographic about mobile phone recycling, and today is the last day to vote.  If you've not voted yet please make someone's day (and increase their chance of winning the $80 prize) and do so.

Do You Have The Oldest Mobile Still in Use?

Thursday 11 August 2011

We're trying to find the oldest mobile phone still in use in the UK!

There are millions of mobile phones lying unused in drawers, long after it has been upgraded to a new model. We are looking for the oldest still in use, with a brand new handset up for grabs for the owner.

The oldest mobile phone in the world is believed to be a rarity, the Motorola 1000 ‘Autotelefon’, which dates from 1991 and is understandably known as the ‘Retro brick’, but we doubt there are any in use in the UK in 2011. 20 years on we want to find the oldest phone still in use in the UK. We would like people to find us on Facebook and post pictures of their phones.

Old mobiles sit in drawers, gathering dust, when in reality they can be recycled for the good of the environment, to go to third world countries or even just to make the owner some money. We are convinced that handsets considered ‘ancient’ in comparison to smart phones such as the iPhone 4, HTC or Blackberry are all still out there, so we are asking people to post their pictures, with a great prize up for grabs. It’s the ultimate in old for new recycling.

The owner of the oldest model posted by the end of the day on November 30th will be contacted and given the opportunity to receive their choice from the latest handsets on sale, which could then include the next generation iPhone, in time for Christmas.

The Facebook page is at

Create an Infographic for us and you could Win

Wednesday 3 August 2011
We've teamed up with for the August competition: Create an infographic about mobile phone recycling.

We'll be looking for originality, accuracy, and the infographic that visualises data in the simplest way. We also love a bit of humour!

Site of the Month

Friday 10 June 2011
We get a lot of bad reviews, and negative comments about mobile phone recyclers, so we thought it was about time to shout about the great companies out there offering a fantastic customer service, so we decided to have a "Site of the Month" award.

And we'd like to give the inaugural site of the month award to...*drumroll*...  Mobile Cash Mate

Mobile Cash mate offer some of the best prices we've seen for mobile phones, both old and new, and we've not heard a bad word about them.  So congratulations to Mobile Cash Mate, the Sell My Old Mobile Phone site of the month for May 2011.

Win Stuff with Sell My Old Mobile Phone

Wednesday 8 June 2011
Today we launched our competition, which will allow some of our lucky visitors to win great prizes.

To start it off we're giving away a Nintendo Wii (We thought we better give it away soon, with the WiiU being announced) to a random reviewer. Find out more on the competition page, which lists the current giveaway, and will give details of the winners.

If you're writing a review please leave your real email address so we can get in touch if you win.

FoneCraze removed - be crazy not to.

Thursday 19 May 2011
After some terrible reviews we've removed Fone Craze from the site. They had some great prices, but the reviews we received showed that they really weren't up to the job so we removed them - we'd be crazy not to.

Hopefully you (and I'm talking to anyone who uses Sell My Old Mobile Phone) would rather choose from a smaller selection of mobile phone recyclers who actually pay you.

Please add any comments.

Have the Loonies Taken over the Asylum?

Monday 18 April 2011
Something has clearly gone wrong at Fone Craze, by the look of the reviews we've been receiving.  The question we're asking ourselves is:

"Should we leave Fone Craze on the site?"

If we remove them, all of the bad reviews will be removed too, they won't exist at all on our site.  So is it better to list them and hope people read the reviews, warning them not to use them, or to remove them entirely?

We'd welcome any comments on this...

Go Pumpkin Added

Thursday 24 March 2011
They say competition is good for business, and we've signed up another mobile phone recycler to Sell My Old Mobile Phone - welcome to Go Pumpkin.

Go Pumpkin promise "our number one priority is to offer the best possible experience for our customers. We aim to offer a streamlined and simple service with minimal effort on our customers behalf. We strive to communicate effectively at every step of the way and will always be looking for ways to improve."

They go on to say "Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t have a complicated grading or pricing system for your old phone; we offer a “Working” or a “Non-working” price (see definitions) and promise to pay you exactly what you see provided your phone fits the description you give it via our site."

That brings the number of mobile phone recyclers listed up to twenty seven - we have more recyclers listed than letters in the alphabet!

Recycling Stolen Phones

We often get asked "can I recycle a stolen or counterfeit phone?".

Sites listed on Sell My Old Mobile Phone are only able to accept authentic branded and genuine phones.  When you send in a phone to be recycled that phone is checked for condition, authenticity and status before any payment can be made to you. If the phone is counterfeit, fake, or stolen, your order cannot be processed and the mobile phone recycling company cannot return the phone either.

Every mobile phone is scanned using a national database. Stolen phones have no value and are handed over to the relevant authorities after 28 days and therefore cannot be returned to you. It is against the law for these phones to be returned to you.

Everyone Wants to be Number One.

Wednesday 23 March 2011
While I was looking for some new mobile phone recycling companies that we could integrate into the Sell My Old Mobile Phone site I came across a site called Mobile Phone Recycling for Cash, which promised me

"We Are UK's #1 Price Comparison Site For Mobile Phone Recycling."

A pretty bold statement, but there's a lot of hyperbole on the web. You can see the screenshot on the right.

Later on I found Sell My Mobile Guru. I don't have a mobile guru that I want to sell, I thought, but it's actually a mobile phone recycling price comparison site, a little like this one. As with the first site, I hadn't heard of it, and this one also claimed

"Sell my mobile guru is UK’s #1 mobile phone recycling and cash comparison website"

I've highlighted that paragraph below.

What I find odd is that both of those sites were designed and developed by the same company!

I know everyone wants to be number one, we want to be number one, but come on chaps, you can't make the same false claim on two competing web sites!

I look forward to the day when I can put "The UK's number one mobile phone recycling price comparison site" onto our home page, but I'll only do it when the figures show that it's a fact.

Marks and Spencer Recycle Now Live

Wednesday 16 March 2011
Good news - another high street retailer is getting involved in recycling.  Today we've added the Marks and Spencer Recycle site to Sell My Old Mobile Phone.  If you recycle your mobile phone with Marks and Sparks you can get paid in  M&S gift vouchers.  I don't know about you, but recycling a phone with them would keep me in their delicious egg and prawn sandwiches for weeks!

Get £5 extra from Money 4 Ur Mobile

Tuesday 1 March 2011
Money 4 Ur Mobile are offering an extra £5 to all customers who recycle a phone worth more than £20 before 14th March 2011. Just enter the code 5m4urm at the checkout and £5 will be added to your order once received and processed. Simples!

We've Removed Skyphones

Monday 28 February 2011
We have taken the decision today to remove Skyphones from Sell My Old Mobile Phone.

Skyphones were offering very good prices for old phones (and had 25% of the top prices for mobile phones) but we were receiving too many complaints about their service, complaints like:

I've tried to contact the company via emails and phone, but no one has responded. I would avoid them, maybe they are in trouble.

Terrible company - they do not pay. Highly suspicious. Avoid at all costs.

I am contacting you regarding Skyphones Ltd, a company listed on your website. I sent my Nokia N86 MP to Skyphones on 04/01/11 by recorded delivery. I have received emails since confirming the phone has been received, it has past its testing stage and the payment is being processed. I have received no further communication despite emailing and calling almost every day. I have not received my payment. I am waiting until the end of the month to hear from Skyphones. If they do not contact me I am going to contact Trading Standards and report the phone as stolen to the police. As I was worried about the lack of communicatin, I Googled the company and found countless forums citing the same difficulties and poor customer service. Some people are still waiting for their payments. I personally feel you should remove this company from your website. Skyphones Ltd are untrustworthy and potentially illegal.


Skyphones is a scam. I sent my phone to them 3 months ago and have had no response from them after they told me the phone was worth less than I was first told. I have tried to phone them, e-mail, and have sent a recorded delivery letter but they have not responded to any form of contact. I have filed a complaint with the police to have a record of this and spoken to Trading Standards who have told me the company has most likely folded and moved on and there is nothing I am able to do about it. See this link for more info.

You can get almost as good a price from other mobile phone recyclers, please feel free to comment below.

Recycle your Phone and You Could win an iPad!

Friday 25 February 2011
Fancy recycling your phone and getting an iPad as well as the cash?

For the month March is giving one lucky customer the chance to win an iPad.  Every customer recycling a phone at Mobile Cash Monster during March will be entered into a prize draw for an iPad and the winner will be informed on or after 10 April 2011.

Why use Mobile Cash Monster?

• Good prices – they perform pretty well on the site, and have 8% of the best prices (see their details page)
• No hassle – they don’t make revisions for cosmetic damage and if you don’t like the valuation you get your mobile back for free.
• Friendly customer service – you can get in touch by phone or email seven days a week.

Mobile Phone Recycling Stats

It's over a year and a half since Robin Goad at  Hitwise published the report showing that Mobile Phone Recycling searches had trebled in the twelve months prior to May 2009.  I would predict that the trend has continued.  Although Sell My Old Mobile Phone has only been live for four months, each month we're seeing more and more traffic come to the site.  Time for another report, Robin?

See the original Hitwise report here:

One of Web User's 252 Must Visit Web Sites

In today's Web User Magazine there's a great writeup of Sell My Old Mobile Phone, where we are listed as one of the "252 must visit web sites".

In the gadget recycling section, we're awarded the web user Bronze award, with five stars given to us for ease of use and presentation.  We lost out on a silver award to Sell My Mobile, but it sounds like it was a close run thing.  The review says "It was a close contest between silver and bronze, actually equalled our Gold award winner on the price of all our old handsets.  The main thing that marked it down was that it doesn't compare the prices of other gadgets".

The site given the Gold award was Compare and Recycle, which compares mobile phone sales prices, along with digital cameras, sat navs, ipods and more.

We're thrilled to be rated so highly in such a broad category, particularly as we only launched at the end of last year.  The review went on so say "Our favourite feature is the price history, which shows how offers from each recycling company for the mobile in question have risen or fallen over the last three months.  We also liked the site's editorial content which includes a regularly updated blog (- too kind!) and articles that stress the benefits on phone recycling."

Don't make Valentine's Day Rubbish

Monday 14 February 2011
If you get a new phone remember to recycle your old phone.

On Valentine's Day women will be looking for a great gift for the man in their lives. It also means that guys will be searching for that one Valentine's Day present that will make his lady smile. There are many different kinds of great gifts that someone can purchase for Valentine's Day. Electronic gadgets are one of them. Especially mobile phones.

It's hard to resist buying the newest and latest version of your favorite mobile phone brand, isn't it? No sooner do we get attached to our moble phone, than a new upgrade becomes available. With Valentine"s Day coming up, many people will be buying their sweethearts upgraded mobile phones. Buying someone a mobile phone with all the features they love in a color that suits their personality is a nice way to show how much you care about them.

As people purchase new upgraded mobile phones, the old ones can end up sitting in a dresser drawer collecting dust. There are millions of unused mobile phones in the world that can suit a better purpose if the owners took the time to have them recycled.

Recycling old, unused electronics has many benefits. The best benefit is to the environment. Old mobiles should never end up in a landfill where they have a negative impact on the environment. Neither do they do much good sitting at home in a drawer. The best thing to do with an old, unwanted mobile phone is to have it recycled.

Electronic gadget recycling is good for the environment and for your wallet. Your old phone is actually worth money. Why not take the profits of turning your old mobile in for cash and putting some of that down towards the Valentine's Day gift for your sweetheart? There is no reason why Valentine's Day or any other holiday should stop you from being as thrifty and smart as possible.

There are many different companies that offer small electronics recycling. You can find a good listing here that will let you pick the recycling company that offers you the best deal for your unwanted mobile phone. The convenience of being able to compare prices in one place will save you time hunting around on the Internet.

Don't make Valentine's Day rubbish - if you get a new phone remember to recycle your old phone too. You will be doing the environment a favor and can earn money at the same time.

Can you buy an app for someone's Valentines Day Present?

Tuesday 8 February 2011
Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and couples everywhere are racing to find the perfect gifts for one another. The trouble is it can be difficult to find a great gift for the guy or girl who seems to have everything. One gift is likely to surprise a significant other, and that is the gift of a mobile phone app. Mobile phone apps are one of the most creative gifts a person can give another for Valentine's Day.

Anyone loves a great mobile phone app as a gift. First off, a mobile phone app shows that a person truly put thought into the gift. For the girl who loves shopping, an app that finds the best sales by comparing prices of products at various stores may be the perfect gift. If a guy loves running, then an app that tracks the distance he runs or calories burned may be the perfect option. Both of these gifts show that a significant other took the time to think about what the other would enjoy.

Another reason to consider buying a mobile phone app for another person as a Valentine's Day gift is that an app can be quite inexpensive. For the couple that is trying to be frugal, there are apps out there that are very inexpensive. This can be the perfect way to celebrate a holiday without investing a lot of money. However, there are some mobile phone apps that are considerably more expensive if a person does want to splurge on a significant other. There are definitely ways to show that one spent a good deal of money on certain mobile phone apps.

There are plenty of cute ways to give the gift of a mobile phone app to another person. One may simply decide to write the name of an app in a romantic card, or one may decide to truly make a bang with his or her gift. A great idea is to also purchase the cell phone one's significant other truly wants and to add the app onto the phone. This sort of gift will be one that is treasured by a significant other for years, since it is so practical and still fun. One simply needs to consider which mobile phones have caught the eye of a significant other, and then purchase the one he or she thinks the other person would like best.

If a person truly wants to go all out for Valentine's Day, then a great idea is to put a bunch of apps on a new phone for another person. This is the gift that keeps on giving and will be so useful for the other person throughout the rest of the year.

Treat Yourself to A New Phone This Valentine's Day

Most people keep their mobile phones close to their vest and even closer to their hearts. It's hard for many of us to even think of what life would be like without our mobile phones.

But for those people who are unsatisfied with their current mobile phone, then getting a new mobile might just be what they need.  And why not do it on Valentine's Day?  You can upgrade your old one to a new look, or get a model with better features quickly and easily.

But what to do with the old mobile phone? Mobile phone recycling sites pay you cash for old phones.

Recycling your old phone is so easy. Check online to see how much your old phone is worth and do the environment, as well as your wallet, a favour.

Crazy for Recyclers - Fone Craze now added

Thursday 3 February 2011
It's true, we're crazy for recycling and made for trying to make you money, and today another mobile phone recycler has gone live on the Sell My Old Mobile Phone site: Fone Craze.

That brings the total number of recyclers on the site to 26, and with more in the pipeline we're aiming to become the most comprehensive mobile phone recycling site in the UK.

Shortlisted for North East Business Award

Wednesday 2 February 2011
We are so chuffed today - Sell My Old Mobile Phone has been shortlisted for the Internet and ICT award in the North East Business awards.

From the NE Business Awards web site, this award is To recognise companies and other organisations that have used web technology, including ICT, e-commerce and e-business, to enhance their business.

The judging criteria is
  • Excellence of website design, in terms of visual appearance, navigability and interactivity.
  • A demonstrable impact of the use of web technology on the business, internally and externally.
  • The innovative use of Internet technology to improve business performance or boost competitiveness within an existing business, or to start a new enterprise.

We're passionate about technology and the environment, so to be recognised for this award is a real achievement. We hope it will help us to raise the profile of mobile phone recycling, locally as well as nationally.

The awards ceremony is on 17th March 2011 at the Hilton in Gateshead (we can see if from the office window!) so fingers crossed for then!  

Weeebuy now live

Tuesday 25 January 2011 are now live on Sell My Old Mobile Phone, which means you can compare prices from 24 leading UK mobile phone recyclers.

Weeebuy will buy your mobile phone from you for cash or vouchers: WEEE is the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive – an EU electronic recycling Directive that aims to reduce the amount of electronic waste.

If you've already cashed in a phone at Weebuy, please write a review to help other mobile phone recyclers.

Nokia Xpress being Recycled Fast

Wednesday 19 January 2011
January is a peak time for mobile phone recycling for a couple of reasons.

  • Lots of people have got new phones for Christmas, and want to recycle the old one.
  • Selling an old mobile phone is a good way to make some cash in a cash-strapped month.
  • If your New Year Resolution was to do more recycling, recycling a mobile phone is an easy way to start
And so far this month, the phone that has been recycled the most is the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. This is good news for poorer countries - a lot of mobile phones are sent to poorer countries where they become an invaluable method of communication.  In countries where smartphones are non-existent, Nokia phones are often the first introduction for many to the mobile web.

So please keep it up, recycle your mobile phones to make yourself some cash, save the environment and help to improve the lives of others.
Why Choose Us?
  • Compare prices from over 20 mobile phone recycling sites.
  • We are committed to getting you the most cash for your old mobile.
  • We update the prices every day.

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