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Friday 14 October 2011
As if you didn't know, the iPhone 4S is released today and already causing queues outside mobile phone shops.  If you pre-ordered your new iPhone it should be arriving today.  But what will you do with your old phone?  Put it in a drawer?  Chuck it in the bin?  No chance!

I'm sure you'll be having way too much fun with the new camera, the new apps and Siri, but if you sell an old iPhone 4G 32Gb it's worth up to £287 today, so don't miss out on that extra cash.

Apple Recycling Program - You'd Have to be Bananas

Thursday 6 October 2011
Apple have launched their new recycling program which allows you to send them your old Apple device, and .."if it has monetary value, we’ll apply that toward an Apple Gift Card. If not, we can recycle it responsibly for you".

I tried it out, for my phone: a 16Gb black iPhone 3GS. It works properly, the battery charges, the back cover isn't engraved, there's a little bit of damage to the case but it's not water damaged and I can supply the power cable.

I got the message:

This product has a zero-dollar value.
PowerON has determined that your product has a zero-dollar fair market value.

To proceed with responsible recycling please provide your contact information so PowerON can prepare and email a prepaid shipping label to you.

When you receive your free shipping label, just print it out, pack your product in a box and send it off.

On Sell My Old Mobile Phone right now you can get up to £140 for an old iPhone 3GS 16Gb. I know which service I;'ll be using when I get my new iPhone!
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