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Go Pumpkin Added

Thursday 24 March 2011
They say competition is good for business, and we've signed up another mobile phone recycler to Sell My Old Mobile Phone - welcome to Go Pumpkin.

Go Pumpkin promise "our number one priority is to offer the best possible experience for our customers. We aim to offer a streamlined and simple service with minimal effort on our customers behalf. We strive to communicate effectively at every step of the way and will always be looking for ways to improve."

They go on to say "Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t have a complicated grading or pricing system for your old phone; we offer a “Working” or a “Non-working” price (see definitions) and promise to pay you exactly what you see provided your phone fits the description you give it via our site."

That brings the number of mobile phone recyclers listed up to twenty seven - we have more recyclers listed than letters in the alphabet!

Recycling Stolen Phones

We often get asked "can I recycle a stolen or counterfeit phone?".

Sites listed on Sell My Old Mobile Phone are only able to accept authentic branded and genuine phones.  When you send in a phone to be recycled that phone is checked for condition, authenticity and status before any payment can be made to you. If the phone is counterfeit, fake, or stolen, your order cannot be processed and the mobile phone recycling company cannot return the phone either.

Every mobile phone is scanned using a national database. Stolen phones have no value and are handed over to the relevant authorities after 28 days and therefore cannot be returned to you. It is against the law for these phones to be returned to you.

Everyone Wants to be Number One.

Wednesday 23 March 2011
While I was looking for some new mobile phone recycling companies that we could integrate into the Sell My Old Mobile Phone site I came across a site called Mobile Phone Recycling for Cash, which promised me

"We Are UK's #1 Price Comparison Site For Mobile Phone Recycling."

A pretty bold statement, but there's a lot of hyperbole on the web. You can see the screenshot on the right.

Later on I found Sell My Mobile Guru. I don't have a mobile guru that I want to sell, I thought, but it's actually a mobile phone recycling price comparison site, a little like this one. As with the first site, I hadn't heard of it, and this one also claimed

"Sell my mobile guru is UK’s #1 mobile phone recycling and cash comparison website"

I've highlighted that paragraph below.

What I find odd is that both of those sites were designed and developed by the same company!

I know everyone wants to be number one, we want to be number one, but come on chaps, you can't make the same false claim on two competing web sites!

I look forward to the day when I can put "The UK's number one mobile phone recycling price comparison site" onto our home page, but I'll only do it when the figures show that it's a fact.

Marks and Spencer Recycle Now Live

Wednesday 16 March 2011
Good news - another high street retailer is getting involved in recycling.  Today we've added the Marks and Spencer Recycle site to Sell My Old Mobile Phone.  If you recycle your mobile phone with Marks and Sparks you can get paid in  M&S gift vouchers.  I don't know about you, but recycling a phone with them would keep me in their delicious egg and prawn sandwiches for weeks!

Get £5 extra from Money 4 Ur Mobile

Tuesday 1 March 2011
Money 4 Ur Mobile are offering an extra £5 to all customers who recycle a phone worth more than £20 before 14th March 2011. Just enter the code 5m4urm at the checkout and £5 will be added to your order once received and processed. Simples!
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