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Everyone Wants to be Number One.

Wednesday 23 March 2011
While I was looking for some new mobile phone recycling companies that we could integrate into the Sell My Old Mobile Phone site I came across a site called Mobile Phone Recycling for Cash, which promised me

"We Are UK's #1 Price Comparison Site For Mobile Phone Recycling."

A pretty bold statement, but there's a lot of hyperbole on the web. You can see the screenshot on the right.

Later on I found Sell My Mobile Guru. I don't have a mobile guru that I want to sell, I thought, but it's actually a mobile phone recycling price comparison site, a little like this one. As with the first site, I hadn't heard of it, and this one also claimed

"Sell my mobile guru is UK’s #1 mobile phone recycling and cash comparison website"

I've highlighted that paragraph below.

What I find odd is that both of those sites were designed and developed by the same company!

I know everyone wants to be number one, we want to be number one, but come on chaps, you can't make the same false claim on two competing web sites!

I look forward to the day when I can put "The UK's number one mobile phone recycling price comparison site" onto our home page, but I'll only do it when the figures show that it's a fact.

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