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Do You Have The Oldest Mobile Still in Use?

Thursday 11 August 2011

We're trying to find the oldest mobile phone still in use in the UK!

There are millions of mobile phones lying unused in drawers, long after it has been upgraded to a new model. We are looking for the oldest still in use, with a brand new handset up for grabs for the owner.

The oldest mobile phone in the world is believed to be a rarity, the Motorola 1000 ‘Autotelefon’, which dates from 1991 and is understandably known as the ‘Retro brick’, but we doubt there are any in use in the UK in 2011. 20 years on we want to find the oldest phone still in use in the UK. We would like people to find us on Facebook and post pictures of their phones.

Old mobiles sit in drawers, gathering dust, when in reality they can be recycled for the good of the environment, to go to third world countries or even just to make the owner some money. We are convinced that handsets considered ‘ancient’ in comparison to smart phones such as the iPhone 4, HTC or Blackberry are all still out there, so we are asking people to post their pictures, with a great prize up for grabs. It’s the ultimate in old for new recycling.

The owner of the oldest model posted by the end of the day on November 30th will be contacted and given the opportunity to receive their choice from the latest handsets on sale, which could then include the next generation iPhone, in time for Christmas.

The Facebook page is at

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