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One of Web User's 252 Must Visit Web Sites

Friday 25 February 2011
In today's Web User Magazine there's a great writeup of Sell My Old Mobile Phone, where we are listed as one of the "252 must visit web sites".

In the gadget recycling section, we're awarded the web user Bronze award, with five stars given to us for ease of use and presentation.  We lost out on a silver award to Sell My Mobile, but it sounds like it was a close run thing.  The review says "It was a close contest between silver and bronze, actually equalled our Gold award winner on the price of all our old handsets.  The main thing that marked it down was that it doesn't compare the prices of other gadgets".

The site given the Gold award was Compare and Recycle, which compares mobile phone sales prices, along with digital cameras, sat navs, ipods and more.

We're thrilled to be rated so highly in such a broad category, particularly as we only launched at the end of last year.  The review went on so say "Our favourite feature is the price history, which shows how offers from each recycling company for the mobile in question have risen or fallen over the last three months.  We also liked the site's editorial content which includes a regularly updated blog (- too kind!) and articles that stress the benefits on phone recycling."

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