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We've Removed Skyphones

Monday 28 February 2011
We have taken the decision today to remove Skyphones from Sell My Old Mobile Phone.

Skyphones were offering very good prices for old phones (and had 25% of the top prices for mobile phones) but we were receiving too many complaints about their service, complaints like:

I've tried to contact the company via emails and phone, but no one has responded. I would avoid them, maybe they are in trouble.

Terrible company - they do not pay. Highly suspicious. Avoid at all costs.

I am contacting you regarding Skyphones Ltd, a company listed on your website. I sent my Nokia N86 MP to Skyphones on 04/01/11 by recorded delivery. I have received emails since confirming the phone has been received, it has past its testing stage and the payment is being processed. I have received no further communication despite emailing and calling almost every day. I have not received my payment. I am waiting until the end of the month to hear from Skyphones. If they do not contact me I am going to contact Trading Standards and report the phone as stolen to the police. As I was worried about the lack of communicatin, I Googled the company and found countless forums citing the same difficulties and poor customer service. Some people are still waiting for their payments. I personally feel you should remove this company from your website. Skyphones Ltd are untrustworthy and potentially illegal.


Skyphones is a scam. I sent my phone to them 3 months ago and have had no response from them after they told me the phone was worth less than I was first told. I have tried to phone them, e-mail, and have sent a recorded delivery letter but they have not responded to any form of contact. I have filed a complaint with the police to have a record of this and spoken to Trading Standards who have told me the company has most likely folded and moved on and there is nothing I am able to do about it. See this link for more info.

You can get almost as good a price from other mobile phone recyclers, please feel free to comment below.

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Anonymous said...

For mobile recycling comparison sites like this, the more recyclers you have listed the better the site looks, so well done for removing them even though you didn't have to.

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