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New Price Differentials Page

Thursday 15 March 2012

This week we've launched our new "price differentials page", labelled deals.

It highlights the variation in prices offered by different companies for the same phone, highlighting the value of comparing the market. Each week we will issue the latest price differential list.

This week’s figures show that:

iPhone 4S 64GB £457.00 £218.04 £238.96
iPhone 4S 32GB £375.00 £218.04 £156.96
Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte £230.70 £90.00 £140.70
iPhone 4S 64GB White £366.50 £231.20 £135.30
iPhone 4 8GB £220.08 £85.00 £135.08

With the new age of smart phones truly upon us, it’s no surprise to see this week's list dominated by iPhone models with the prices differing by as much as £238.96. This shows the value of comparing prices rather than accepting the first direct quote.

We constantly strive to get the best deals for our customers and now our new weekly barometer is an even easier way of letting them know which phone recycling companies are offering the best deals for their old handset.

We aim to use our new application to release our ‘Top 5’ figures weekly so as to keep you as up to date as possible with phone price differentials.

There are countless benefits for the environment and peoples’ wallets from recycling mobile phones, but for consumers who hang on to their handsets, the remuneration quickly dwindles, so people who want to capitalise on the phone left unused their cupboard need to act fast.

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